In hotel Elena you can organize your corporate event.

The hotel offers the following halls:

- Conference hall at level Mezzanine with capacity of 100 seats; daylight and artificial illumination. Floorage: 150 sq. m. It is situated next to Bar Mezzanine and a terrace, which is very comfortable for coffee-breaks.

- The other two halls, known as Elena's Crystal Halls, are situated under the Continental Restaurant.

The first hall called Red Hall – floorage of ​​330 sq.m. is located close to English yard that passes to the Viennese Lounge where coffee breaks are provided. The hall has a capacity of 250 seats.

In the immediate vicinity of the Red Hall is Green Hall, it is arranged in tiers with a floorage 220 sq.m. It has a capacity of 180 seats. The two halls can be combine in a larger conference room.

Halls are called crystal because chandeliers are gilded with Egyptian crystals, decorated with silk wallpaper, the interior of the halls creates a special atmosphere. The entrance to the halls can be both through the lobby of the hotel and from the street through the English yard.

At the same level, there is a kitchen that is connected to the main kitchen unit and it is possible events to take place when the hotel is full of tourists. Halls are air-conditioned.

- The hotel also offers an English yard with open-air classes. Approximately area is ​​150 sq.m.

All halls have:

Functioning heating and ventilation system;

Visibility in the hall - the shape and layout of the halls allows visibility to the center from all positions (the halls have columns, but the chairs can be positioned in an unobstructive way);

Wireless internet access;

We can offer you additional conference equipment.

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