Varna Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is situated in the northern part of the Sea Garden in Varna.The building impresses with its original structure and façade made of aluminum and glass. It was found in 1984, and quickly became a symbol of the city.  The inhabitants of the Dolphinarium are four – 2 female and 2 male dolphins. Kimbo and  Dolly are brought from the shores of Guatemala and Cuba, Yoanna and Bimbo are born here. The capacity is 1 200 seats, the size of the pool is 12 by 15 meters and the depth is 6 meters. The water in the pool is being extracted trough a special pump system that brings fresh salt water 150 -160 meters away from the shore, and it is being pulled from 3-6 meters depth where the water is the cleanest, and is being filtered before it reaches the dolphin pool. The Dolphinarium has café with a glass wall trough which the visitors can observe the dolphins underwater.The visitors can participate in  Swimming with Dolphins which is a close contact with dolphins in the pool of the Dolphinarium where they take the role of a coach and the dolphin performs some of the most attractive stunts from the Dolphin show with them.

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